External Assets Management utility without embedding assets in SWF (smaller file)

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haxelib install ExAM 2.1.0


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Assets management for Haxe/NME. Very similar to nme.Assets but don't embed assets in the SWF (for smaller files). This library is based on the one wrote in AS3 by Krecha Games, thanks a lot guys !

Prepare your assets

With ExAM, you organize your library in an XML file. You can specify groups of assets to manage multi-resolution assets. To create the XML file, use the run script :

haxelib run ExAM $ASSETS_DIR $OUTPUT_FILE (useFullPath = true)

where $ASSETS_DIR is the directory where you store your assets and $OUTPUT_FILE is the name of your XML library that will be created (if the file exists, it will be crushed !). The optional argument useFullPath (default to true) enable full path for assets URL.

Use your assets

Basically, you will have to create an AssetsConfig instance which will link to your XML library. Then, give it to an AssetsLoader object, aaaand done ! When you receive the "go" signal (an Event.COMPLETE), your assets will be waiting for you in the AssetsStorage static class: AssetsStorage.getAsset(id)

Typed assets:

If you know the type of an asset, you can use specific functions:

  • getBitmapData(id: String): BitmapData
  • getText(id: String): String
  • getXml(id: String): Xml
  • getSound(id: String): Sound

If you want to get all assets in a specific folder:

  • getFolderContent(folder:String, ?extension: String):List<IAsset>

If you're using ExAM with NME, you can also use:

  • getSpritesheet(id: Stirng): aze.display.TilesheetEx

Try it yourself

Go see the example in the sample directory. You can compile it with juste Haxe, or with NME.