Entity Component System for Haxe

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haxelib install ecso 1.0.0-alpha.1



ecso is an open-source and experimental Entity Component System plugin for Haxe, which enables compiler ECS oriented features and focuses on simplicity.

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  • Framework agnostic: focus exclusively on core ECS aspects.
  • Haxe-Powered: integrates with built-in semantics and features (even macros).
  • Advanced code-analyzes: structure for high-level ECS-oriented compiler optimizations.
  • Super simple API: lightweight with clarity, readability and discoverability over conciseness policy.
  • Cross-platform: enables target-specific optimizations.
  • Performance: while speed is not the current focus, the nature of ecso should eventually offer a good level of customization to best fit specific needs, optimizing out branching, unboxing, etc... from systems.
  • Fast Compilation: plugins are incredibly fast, plus zero-overhead for non-ecso projects.

Code example

import ecso.Entity;

typedef Position = {
    var x:Int;
    var y:Int;

typedef Velocity = {
    var vx:Int;
    var vy:Int;

function move (entity:Position & Velocity) {
    entity.x += entity.vx;
    entity.y += entity.vy;

function teleport (entity:Position, x:Int, y:Int) {
    entity.x = x;
    entity.y = y;

function main () {
    final entities = new EntityGroup();

        x: 10,
        y: 10,
        vx: 2,
        vy: 1

    entities.foreachEntity( move );
    entities.foreachEntity( teleport.bind(_, 0, 0) );
    entities.foreachEntity( function (entity:{ y:Int, vy:Int }) {
        if (entity.y < 100)
            entity.vy -= 1;

For more details about ecso please visit the wiki page.

How to install

To use ecso on your system, you can refer to the installation page.


Any kind of contribution is welcome and appreciated. You can read more here. Thank you!