Flambe is a fast, expressive, and cross-platform engine for HTML5 and Flash games.

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haxelib install flambe 4.1.0



Flambe is a 2D game engine that makes cross-platform development actually fun!

Written in Haxe, games are compiled to HTML5 and Flash, with support for mobile browsers. The HTML5 renderer uses WebGL, with fallback to canvas. Rendering in Flash uses Stage3D. Native Android and iOS apps are packaged using Adobe AIR.

On top of being high performance and cross-platform, Flambe recognizes that assets and workflow are critical to game development. It includes battle-tested support for importing Flash animations, bitmap fonts, and particle systems. Live asset swapping lets you modify an asset and see the change in your game automatically, with no recompile or refresh. When you need to make a code change, Flambe recompiles and automatically refreshes your browser tab, all in under 2 seconds.

Check out the Flambe wiki for demos and more.


See the install guide on the wiki.


Patches and pull requests are welcome! To build and develop Flambe from source, clone this repository and run:

(sudo) npm link ./command
haxelib dev flambe ./src

To later go back to a stable release, run (sudo) flambe update and haxelib dev flambe.

Are things not working? I'd be happy to help, open an issue, ask on the forum, email me privately, or talk to me in #Haxe on irc.freenode.net.

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