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haxelib install geom 0.0.3-alpha



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geom library to provide some Vector and Matrix tools for 2D and 3D graphics.

  • constraints
    contains some of Johnathon Selstad constraints ported to haxe using geom.matrix.Matrix1x4
    also contains Interval and RadianInterval it allows open or closed clamping of a range or wrapping a range.

  • curve
    Bezier single dimension equations including curveThru suited as base rather than complete solution.
    Partially ported some Raph Levin bezier segment approximation work - WIP
    ComplexTrig has some trig functions for geom.matrix.Complex numbers needs verification.
    Cubic provides cubic functions to suplement Square
    Hyperbolic maths functions needs verifications.
    Logarithmic maths functions needs verifications.

  • flat
    array datastructures suitable for storing groups of data, [0] stores position and [1] stores length, allows array access of the grouped data and 'next' used to increment groups. UInt16Flat stores position [0] [1] and length [2] [3] since UInt16 was too low for practically storing these properties.

  • matrix
    matrix with operators and plenty of functionality such as skew.
    conversion for Matrix changes including to alternate property naming.
    Vectors in the form of Matrix1x2 for 2D, Matrix1x4 for 3D with constraints.
    Matrices in the form Matrix2x2 for 2D/3D, Matrix4x3 ( optimal ) for 3D.
    Complex for complex numbers.
    Quaternion for angles.
    DualQuaternions for Angle and Position.
    Projection for setting up 3D projection.

  • move
    Axis2 not really used tested
    Axis3 provides a DualQuaternion approach to pan, tilt, rotate and translations.
    Parameter and Trinary used for stepping, Trinary is like Bool but with 3 states.

  • obj
    Quad2D provides 2D quad using Matrix1x2
    Quad3D provides quad for use in 3D.
    Tri provides 2D triangle, hitTest point, adjustWinding, and rotation.
    Tri3D provides triangle for use in 3D using Matrix1x4, multiplyQ for rotation.

  • structure
    structure structInit's for matrix folder.

  • systemL
    LNode and LNode3D ( using DualQuaternions ) for use with LSystems

  • tydef
    typedef alternate matrix structures for integration with other libraries.

  • Numerical has min and max for Integers ( 2 and 3 ), Maths constants, and clz32 broken?