Kit to help with WebGL

WebGL, javascript, js
haxelib install hyperKitGL 0.0.2-alpha



hyperKitGL provides WebGL, Html5 and Float32Array structures for trilateral3, but can be used separately for working with WebGL and Canvas.

See trilateral3 where this library is typically used.


known issues

  • Sheet has some mouse interaction support, but it's only currently been tested on mac retina and known to have scale issues elsewhere. Welcome pull requests.

  • A projection matrix is not currently wired up in PlyMix against shaders, so currently limited to 2D, but likely to be added soon.

  • PlyMix does not currently easily allow using a buffer image as a drawing target and currently setup to allow loading multiple images but not yet wired for switching.

  • PlyMix has aspects when switching between texture and image shaders, which sometimes requires drawColorShape( 0, 0 ); to need be called in the render loop after drawing a texture.

  • PlyMix if no images need loading currently you have to manually call the setAnimate() method in the draw method.