Google AdMob / OpenFL extension for Android + iOS (this extension is deprecated - Please use extension-admob from now on)

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haxelib install openfl-admob 1.4.2



OpenFL extension for "Google AdMob" on iOS and Android. This extension allows you to easily integrate Google AdMob on your OpenFL (or HaxeFlixel) game / application.

Main Features

  • Banners & Interstitial Support.
  • Setup your banners to be on top or on the bottom of the screen.
  • Allows you to specify min amount of time between interstitial displays (to avoid annoying your users).
  • Allows you to specify min amount of calls to interstitial before it actually gets displayed (to avoid annoying your users).
  • Callback support for Interstitial Events.

Simple use Example

// This example show a simple use case.

import extension.admob.AdMob;
import extension.admob.GravityMode;

class MainClass {

    function new() {
        // first of all, decide if you want to display testing ads by calling enableTestingAds() method.
        // Note that if you decide to call enableTestingAds(), you must do that before calling INIT methods.

        // If you want to get instertitial events (LOADING, LOADED, CLOSED, DISPLAYING, ETC), provide
        // some callback function for this.
        AdMob.onInterstitialEvent = onInterstitialEvent;

        // then call init with Android and iOS banner IDs in the main method.
        // parameters are (bannerId:String, interstitialId:String, gravityMode:GravityMode).
        // if you don't have the bannerId and interstitialId, go to to create them.

        AdMob.initAndroid("ca-app-pub-XXXXX123456","ca-app-pub-XXXXX123457", GravityMode.BOTTOM); // may also be GravityMode.TOP
        AdMob.initIOS("ca-app-pub-XXXXX123458","ca-app-pub-XXXXX123459", GravityMode.BOTTOM); // may also be GravityMode.TOP

        // NOTE: If your game allows screen rotation, you should call AdMob.onResize(); when rotation happens.

    function gameOver() {
        // some implementation

        /* NOTE:
        showInterstitial function has two parameters you can use to control how often you want to display the interstitial ad.

        public static function showInterstitial(minInterval:Int=60, minCallsBeforeDisplay:Int=0);

        * The banner will not show if it was displayed less than "minInterval" seconds ago.
        * The banner will show only after "#minCallsBeforeDisplay" calls to showInterstitial function.

        - To display an interstitial after every time the game finishes, call:
        - To avoid displaying the interstitial if the game was too short (60 seconds), call:
        - To display an interstitial every 3 finished games call:
        - To display an interstitial every 3 finished games (but never before 120 secs since last display), call:
        AdMob.showInterstitial(120,3); */

    function mainMenu() {
        // some implementation
        AdMob.showBanner(); // this will show the AdMob banner.

    function beginGame() {
        // some implementation
        AdMob.hideBanner(); // if you don't want the banner to be on screen while playing... call AdMob.hideBanner();

    function onInterstitialEvent(event:String) {
        trace("THE INSTERSTITIAL IS "+event);
        Note that the "event" String will be one of this:

        So, you can do something like:
        if(event == AdMob.CLOSED) trace("The player dismissed the ad!");
        else if(event == AdMob.LEAVING) trace("The player clicked the ad :), and we're leaving to the ad destination");
        else if(event == AdMob.FAILED) trace("Failed to load the ad... the extension will retry automatically.");


How to Install

To install this library, you can simply get the library from haxelib like this:

haxelib install extension-admob

Once this is done, you just need to add this to your project.xml

<haxelib name="extension-admob" />

Also, you may need to set android sdk version to 23 or higher (as some versions of google play services requires that):

<android target-sdk-version="23" if="android" />


Google is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

AdMob is a registrered trademark of Google Inc.


The MIT License (MIT) -

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Author: Federico Bricker