library for p2p communication

p2p, peer to peer
haxelib install p2p 0.1.42



WARNING: Not production ready

The aim of this library is to offer a simple way to setup a p2p communication layer.

This library is currently in the early stages of development, therefore I wouldn't recommend using this for anything in production.


The goal of this library is to create a standardize Peer to Peer API that can be layered on top of multiple types of communication protocols.

Installing a communication layer


Notifier Binding API

As the name suggest notifier binding allows you to bind a notifier to a string Id and then have it synchronise over the p2p network when it's value is changed.

Listen for changes with Id 'test' and assign value to notifier

P2P.bind(notifier, 'test', P2P.IN);

Listen for value changes on notifier and when it updates broascast it's value over the network with Id 'test'.

P2P.bind(notifier, 'test', P2P.OUT);

Both listen and broadcast

P2P.bind(notifier, 'test', P2P.IO);


notifier1.add((value:Int) -> {
	trace("value = " + value);
var notifier1:Notifier<Int> = new Notifier<Int>(0);
P2P.addSubscriber(notifier1, 'test');
var notifier1:Notifier<Int> = new Notifier<Int>(0);
P2P.addBroadcast(notifier1, 'test');

notifier1.value = 2;

Basic listener and sender API

P2P.listen("messageId", (payload:{foo:String}) -> {
	trace(" = " +;
var payload = {
P2P.send("messageId", payload);