Haxe open-cross-library

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haxelib install pony 1.3.2


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Pony is a set of tools for developing, preparing, building, testing and publishing projects. It can be used for creating Heaps, PixiJS, NodeJS, Electron, Cordova, PHP, OpenFL, Unity3D, Flash and Cocos Creator applications.

It works on servers or client-side.

The library has an XML-based UI building system and components, a powerful event system, and many utility functions.


Stable version

haxelib install pony

Unstable version

haxelib git pony https://github.com/AxGord/Pony

Install Pony Tools

haxelib run pony

Silent install example

haxelib run pony install +code -code-insiders +npm +userpath -nodepath +ponypath

+ - enable option

- - disable option

code - Install Visual Studio Code recommended plugins

code-insiders - Install Visual Studio Code Insiders recommended plugins

npm - Install NPM (Node Package Manager) modules

userpath - Set user paths

nodepath - Set user path to node_modules, only for Windows

ponypath - Set user path to pony.exe, only for Windows

CI install example

haxelib run pony install -code -code-insiders +npm +userpath

Installation Video Guide


Old Manual

Reference book

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