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EEF Observability WG project Elixir

About this project

This is a repository for OpenTelemetry Erlang & Elixir contributions that are not part of the core repository and core distribution of the API and SDK.


OpenTelemetry can collect tracing data using instrumentation. Vendors/Users can also create and use their own. Currently, OpenTelemetry supports automatic tracing for:

Supported Runtimes

OpenTelemetry requires OTP v21.3 and above.

See Elixir OTP Compatability for supported OTP/Elixir combinations.


We'd love your help!. Use tags [up-for-grabs][up-for-grabs-issues] and good first issue to get started with the project. Follow CONTRIBUTING guide to report issues or submit a proposal.

Useful links

  • For more information on OpenTelemetry, visit:
  • For help or feedback on this project, join us in [GitHub Discussions][d], #otel-erlang-elixir channel in the CNCF slack, and #opentelemetry channel in the Elixir Lang slack
  • Erlang SIG community page


Apache 2.0 - See LICENSE for more information.