A set of lint rules to check for common mistakes when styling and theming on Android

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A set of lint rules to prevent us from the temptation of using HEX values or direct color resources instead of attributes, when creating our layouts either by xml or programmatically.
To refresh your knowledge about theming colors: Material Guidelines.

Getting started

Fetch code
git clone  
cd AndroidStyling-LintRules
Build the validator

./gradlew build

Copy to the lint directory

For all projects: cp styling-lint/build/libs/styling-lint.jar ~/.android/lint/
For a specific project: cp styling-lint/build/libs/styling-lint.jar [path-to-project]/[desired-module]/libs

Configure your build.gradle

lintChecks fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: 'styling-lint.jar')
lintChecks(fileTree(mapOf("dir" to "libs", "include" to "styling-lint.jar"))) (if you use .kts)

Run lint

./gradlew lint

Sample usage

Well this is easy, your styles and layouts should always use attributes to get the color from the corresponding theme.
Therefore, in situations like:


You'll get a warning advising you to change it:

This rules are not exclusive for layouts:


You'll also get a warning advising you to change it:

In code situations, getting a color from a theme is not that trivial and it involves a bit of boilerplate code.
For that reason, ResourcesProvider-ktx may come in hand. It's a helper class to provide resources and it has "themes support":


Bugs and Feedback

For bugs, questions and discussions please use the Github Issues.


Additional binaries and dependency information for can be found here.


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