A helper library for communicating with an AnimatedLEDStrip server

als-client-library, als-library


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AnimatedLEDStrip Client Library for Kotlin/MPP

This library allows a Kotlin/JVM or Kotlin/JS client to communicate with an AnimatedLEDStrip server.

Creating an ALSHttpClient

To create a HTTP client, run ALSHttpClient(clientEngine, ip).

clientEngine is a Ktor HttpClientEngineFactory

val client = ALSHttpClient(CIO, ip = "")

An optional configuration for the Ktor engine can be passed as a third argument. Any configuration should include a JSON feature that uses the AnimatedLEDStrip serializer:

import animatedledstrip.communication.serializer as alsSerializer

install(JsonFeature) {
    serializer = KotlinxSerializer(alsSerializer)

Communicating with the Server

This library follows the conventions laid out for AnimatedLEDStrip client libraries.