Basic set of desktop icons for java swing or FX application




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Basic set of desktop icons for java swing or FX application.

The original icons are from this website and designed from Mark James.

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The source code comes under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License, making silk-icon-theme great for all types of applications.

Load icons

You can load your icons in your application as follows:

    ImageIcon applicationAdd = ImageIconFactory
	JButton btnApplicationAdd = IconButtonFactory.newIconButton(applicationAdd, "New application");

The classes ImageIconFactory and IconButtonFactory are helper classes that are defined in the test resources

Maven dependency

Maven dependency is now on sonatype. Check out sonatype repository for latest snapshots and releases.

Add the following maven dependency to your project pom.xml if you want to import the core functionality of silk-icon-theme:

Than you can add the dependency to your dependencies:

	<!-- silk-icon-theme version -->
		<!-- silk-icon-theme DEPENDENCY -->

gradle dependency

You can first define the version in the ext section and add than the following gradle dependency to your project build.gradle if you want to import the core functionality of silk-icon-theme:

define version in file


or in build.gradle ext area

ext {
    silkIconThemeVersion = "1"

and than add the dependency to the dependencies area

dependencies {

Semantic Versioning

The versions of silk-icon-theme are maintained with the Semantic Versioning guidelines.

Release version numbers will be incremented in the following format:


For detailed information on versioning you can visit the wiki page.

Want to Help and improve it?

The source code for silk-icon-theme are on GitHub. Please feel free to fork and send pull requests!

Create your own fork of astrapi69/silk-icon-theme/fork

To share your changes, submit a pull request.

Don't forget to add new units tests on your changes.

Contacting the Developers

Do not hesitate to contact the silk-icon-theme developers with your questions, concerns, comments, bug reports, or feature requests.

  • Feature requests, questions and bug reports can be reported at the issues page.


Special thanks to Mark James the origin creator of the icons