Lightweight OpenDaylight runtime library.

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Build Status Maven Central License 9.2 is a Software Development Kit powered by OpenDaylight to support, ease and accelerate development of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions in Java. is a toolkit for SDN application programmers and solution architects that can be used to build and integrate SDN controllers. It utilizes core OpenDaylight components, which are available as a set of libraries.

This branch maintains compatibility with OpenDaylight Fluorine SR2 release.

SDN controller architecture



Build and Install

In order to build and install artifacts locally, follow the procedure below:

  • install JDK - make sure JDK 8 is installed
  • install maven - make sure you have maven 3.5.0 or later installed
  • setup maven - make sure you have proper settings.xml in your ~/.m2 directory
  • build and install locally - by running command: mvn clean install -DskipTests

Build SDN controller offers simplified SDN application development procedure. Follow this manual to create your own SDN controller project.

controller startup sequence

How-To migrate from ODL to

This guide describes migration procedure from ODL/Karaf application to It contains summary of practical experiences based on real-life ODL project migrations.

Run JUnit and IT tests project contains JUnit tests and integration tests. IT tests are special, because complete ODL/ controller is started often with south-bound and north-bound plugins. IT tests are comparable with single-feature tests in ODL/Karaf environment, but much faster. Before starting IT tests, please make sure that ports 8080, 8888, 8185, 2550 are free on localhost.

To run unit tests and integration tests, use command:

mvn clean install

Support, FAQ and examples of use

If you are interested, technical support, blogs, FAQ, technical articles and more examples are available at