A new version of Soot with a completely overhauled architecture

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This is the home of the SootUp project. A complete overhaul of the good, old static analysis framework Soot.

What is SootUp

  • Transforms JVM bytecode (and other inputs!) to the intermediate representation Jimple.
  • Provides ClassHierarchy generation
  • CallGraph generation with different algorithms/precisions
  • Inter-procedural Data-flow Analysis with the IDE/IFDS framework enabled by Heros
  • Applies simple transformations on retrieving a methods Body (see BodyInterceptor)
  • Provides parsing and serialization of the Jimple IR.

Getting started

Documentation and usage examples are available on Github pages. Check the Javadocs. Do you have questions? Feel free to start a Discussion.

SootUp improvements

(compared to its predecessor Soot.)

  • New improved API (without Globals/Singletons)
  • Fully-Parallelizable Architecture
  • Enables lazy loading of classes (no interleaved loading of used/dependent classes anymore)
  • Fail early strategy - input validation while constructing/building objects
  • Up-to-Date (i.e. Java8!) Sourcecode Frontend (Beware: Cannot handle try-catch inputs, yet!)
  • Full Java 21 Support for Bytecode
  • Multiple Views (no single static Scene anymore)
  • Immutable Jimple IR Objects and Graphs
  • Incremental Updates of Program Representation

SootUp Roadmap

See our Todo list.

Feel free to improve Soot!

Feedback and Feature Requests

For feedback and feature requests, best create appropriate issues.


You want to collaborate? Please read our coding guidelines and the contributors notice.


The development of SootUp is financed by generous support from the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Heinz Nixdorf Institute (HNI).

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