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WildFly Elytron

WildFly Elytron is a new WildFly sub-project which is completely replacing the combination of PicketBox and JAAS as the WildFly client and server security mechanism.

An "elytron" (ĕl´·ĭ·trŏn, plural "elytra") is the hard, protective casing over a wing of certain flying insects (e.g. beetles).

Building From Source

$ git clone

Setup the JBoss Maven Repository

To use dependencies from, you need to add the JBoss Maven Repositories to your Maven settings.xml. For details see

Build with Maven

The command below builds the project and runs the embedded suite.

$ mvn clean install

Issue Tracking

Bugs and features are tracked within the Elytron Jira project at


All new features and enhancements should be submitted to 1.x branch only.