A static, fluent logging framework



Write Forward

Do you ever get tired of writing private static Logger LOGGER = LoggerFactory.getLogger(Example.getClass()) at the top of each class?

Introducing the Write Forward Static Fluent Logger Framework!


  • Use with your favorite logger framework including log4j, logback, java.util.logging, and SLF4J.
  • Lightweight: Only has 1 required dependency - jmustache
  • Use all the features of your favorite logging framework
  • Log interesting variables in your code easily and quickly.
  • Output to multiple logging frameworks at the same time.
  • See what line number the logger was called from in "slow" mode.
  • Has a "fast" and "slow" setting for production and development respectively.
  • The framework is extensible, with the ability to implement logging to your own database or other location.
  • Use a fluent syntax to compose logging messages that get formatted and output.

How do I use it?

Log.message("The GET request failed.")
.withValue("Url", url)


Apache 2.0 - Use it for whatever you want.