Wrapping up the Bloomberg java SDK jars into a lein project.




This project's purpose is to simplify the process of making Bloomberg SDK available via Maven/Leiningen/Clojars by packing the contents of the JARs in the Bloomberg Java SDK jar files into one single JAR, and pushing that as an artifact to the public Clojars Maven repository


This project is based on the excellent Leiningen tool, which you need to install first. Furthermore, you need an account at Clojars.

Once these requirements are met, this is the procedure to create a new lo-sdk release and push it to Clojars.

  1. Copy the current Bloomberg jar from your Blommberg API install into the input-jars/ folder.

  2. Adjust the version number in project.clj to match the Bloomberg release.

  3. Run the do-release.sh script.

That will create one single JAR containing all Bloomberg SDK classes and upload it to clojars.


This packaging: Copyright (C) 2013 Tulos Capital

Distributed under the MIT License, see http://tulos.mit-license.org for details.

The underlying jars: Bloomberg Open API, see LICENSE.txt for details.