Simple server method that finds images, page name and description from an url

meteor add gorgekara:simple-metacrawler@=0.0.2



Metadata and images crawler for Meteor. Just feed it with an url and it will return the name, description and images inside that url.


Just run:

$ meteor add gorgekara:simple-metacrawler

How to

Simple metecrawler just adds a server side method to your meteor app. This method is called 'simplecrawler_findMetadata'. To call it client side use:

Meteor.call('simplecrawler_findMetadata', url, function (error, result) {
    //Error is empty if all goes well
    //Result will containt and object like:
  return {
    tags: pageTags,
    name: pageName,
    title: pageTitle,
    description: pageDescription,
    images: findedImages,
    url: url

You can use that response data as you want. Right now it will return og:image and the first 3 images finded on the page.

Simple metacrawler checks that any image url is valid and result will contain an error field if url request fails.