A Jupyter kernel for nim.

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nimble install jupyternim



This is an experimental nim-only ( well apart from zmq ) version of a kernel for jupyter notebooks, reimplementing all machinery ( messaging, sockets, execution... ).
There's a version reusing the python machinery here: jupyter-nim-kernel.
I'm going to port features from there to here ( as time permits ).
Experimental plotting is available using the magic #>inlineplot width height, e.g. #>inlineplot 640 480
The plotting lib used is graph. Other plotting libs may be considered, and as always, PRs are welcome!

Look at example-notebook for some examples.

NOTE: running a notebook with this creates a directory inimtemp in which it stores blocks of code, pngs, compiled outputs, etc.


  • a working nim installation ( download )
  • a working jupyter installation ( I recomend miniconda3 and adding jupyter with conda install jupyter )
  • a zeromq installation. Currently tested only with ZeroMQ 4.0.4 . It must be in PATH or the kernel won't run.
  • OPTIONAL My toy Graph lib. I will add it to nimble when I flesh it out more.


The kernel should be automatically compiled and registered with jupyter just by doing nimble install inim

Alternatively, try one of the following:

  • compile the kernel binary: nim c --threads:on nimkernel.nim
  • in nim-spec/kernel.json change "C:\\<blah>\\nimkernel" to the path of nimkernel executable
  • add kernel spec to jupyter : jupyter-kernelspec install nim-spec --user
  • run jupyter-notebook and select new>Nim


  • in nim-spec/kernel.json change "C:\\<blah>\\nimkernel" to the full path of nimkernel executable
  • run nimble setup

Note that ZeroMQ is dinamically linked, so it needs to be installed and added to path


#>flags < --some > < --d:flas > Pass flags to nim compiler, default is --hints:off --verbosity:0 -d:release.
Passing new flags overwrites all other flags.

#>inlineplot <w> <h> Enable graph and appends a plot proc.


  • Compiles and runs code.
  • Compiler output and results are shown.
  • Basic 2d plotting
  • Context partially shared.
  • FIXME code at top level in a block is run in every subsequent block. As a workaround, use when isMainModule: to avoid this.


  • Properly share context. This is currently top/near-top priority. Any help is appreciated. HARD
  • Finish implementing messaging ( completion, introspection, history, display... )
  • Make this a nimble package, that automatically installs the kernel. MEDIUM, needs patching nimble? DONE?
  • Handle shutdown gracefully
  • Connect to nimsuggest via socket, parse its output for introspection requests
  • Documentation lookup magic? eg. put docs in a subfolder, then #>doc sequtils opens a browser to the correct .html page ( possibly local )
  • Magics to reduce verbosity, pass flags to compiler
  • Move plot setup outside handleExecute


Jupyter Kernel Docs
Messaging Docs
Async logger in nim

General structure


Handles init, start, stop of the various loops.


Handles message specifications exposing low level procs to send, receive, decode, encode messages


Defines sockets types , how they are created, how their loops work, how they send and receive messages

Internal Notes

Messages must be multipart signature must be lowercase