Locate and bundle third-party dependencies in node_modules

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npm install @rollup/plugin-node-resolve@13.0.6


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Rollup Plugins

🍣 The one-stop shop for official Rollup plugins

This repository houses plugins that Rollup considers critical to every day use of Rollup, plugins which the organization has adopted maintenance of, and plugins that the project recommends to its users.

Plugins Found Here

alias Define and resolve aliases for bundle dependencies
auto-install Automatically install dependencies that are imported by a bundle
babel Compile your files with Babel
beep System beeps on errors and warnings
buble Compile ES2015 with buble
commonjs Convert CommonJS modules to ES6
data-uri Import modules from Data URIs
dsv Convert .csv and .tsv files into JavaScript modules with d3-dsv
dynamic-import-vars Resolving dynamic imports that contain variables.
eslint Verify entry point and all imported files with ESLint
esm-shim Replace cjs syntax for esm output bundles
graphql Convert .gql/.graphql files to ES6 modules
html Create HTML files to serve Rollup bundles
image Import JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, and WebP files
inject Scan modules for global variables and injects import statements where necessary
json Convert .json files to ES6 modules
legacy Add export declarations to legacy non-module scripts
multi-entry Use multiple entry points for a bundle
node-resolve Locate and bundle third-party dependencies in node_modules
replace Replace strings in files while bundling
run Run your bundles in Node once they're built
strip Remove debugger statements and functions like assert.equal and console.log from your code
sucrase Compile TypeScript, Flow, JSX, etc with Sucrase
swc Transpile TypeScript/JavaScript with the speedy-web-compiler
terser Generate a minified output bundle with terser
typescript Integration between Rollup and Typescript
url Import files as data-URIs or ES Modules
virtual Load virtual modules from memory
wasm Import WebAssembly code with Rollup
yaml Convert YAML files to ES6 modules

Other Packages Found Here

pluginutils A set of utility functions commonly used by Rollup plugins


This repository is a monorepo which leverages pnpm for dependency management.

To begin, please install pnpm:

$ npm install pnpm -g

Working with Plugin Packages

All plugin packages are kept in the /packages directory.

Adding dependencies:

$ pnpm --filter ./packages/<name> add <package>

Where <package> is the name of the NPM package you wish to add for a plugin package, and <name> is the proper name of the plugin. e.g. @rollup/plugin-beep.


$ pnpm publish <name> [flags]

Where <name> is the portion of the plugin package name following @rollup/plugin-. (e.g. beep)

The publish script performs the following actions:

  • Gathers commits from the last release tag
  • Determines the next appropriate version bump (major, minor, or patch)
  • Updates package.json
  • Generates a new ChangeLog entry
  • Updates CHANGELOG.md for the target plugin
  • Commits package.json and CHANGELOG.md, with a commit message is in the form chore(release): <name>-v<version>
  • Publishes to NPM
  • Tags the release in the form <name>-v<version> (e.g. beep-v0.1.0)
  • Pushes the commit and tag to Github

The following flags are available to modify the publish process:

  • --dry tells the script to perform a dry-run, skipping any file modifications, NPM, or Git Actions. Results from version determination and new ChangeLog additions are displayed.
  • --major, --minor, --patch can be used to force a particular type of semver bump.
  • --no-push will instruct the script not to push changes and tags to Git.
  • --no-tag will instruct the script not to tag the release.

Running Tests:

To run tests on all packages which have changes:

$ pnpm test

To run tests on a specific package:

$ pnpm --filter ./packages/<name> test


To lint all packages which have changes:

$ pnpm lint

To lint a specific package:

$ pnpm --filter ./packages/<name> lint

Note: Scripts in the repository will run the root test and lint script on those packages which have changes. This is also how the CI pipelines function. To run either on a package outside of that pipeline, use pnpm <script> @rollup/plugin-<name>.

Adding Plugins

While we don't have an official procedure for adding third-party plugins to this repository, we are absolutely open to the idea. If you'd like to speak about your project being a part of this repo, please reach out to @RollupJS on Twitter.