Utility to create pre configured Node Js app. The Seed will help you build node app with es6 very quick

Node, Es6, Docker, babel6, EJS, Redis, MongoDB
npm install @aakashdeveloper/create-node-app@1.1.2


This is the seed application for node js

Available Scripts

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How To Start

Inside node_modules folder

  • Globally install this module with npm "npm install -g @aakashdeveloper/create-node-app"
  • Go to the directory where you want to generate the project files
  • Run "generate" in shell/cmd and follow the instructions.
  • Inside your newly created project folder run "npm start".
  • Navigate to http://localhost:7600

Available Script

  • npm start
  • npm run dev
  • npm run test

Available Test Script

npm test

Using Mocha and chai for testing Add test cases in test folder

Database connector

Added mongodb file with all

GET POST PUT DELETE Operation just call mongodb file where ever required

#Added Redis Sample code

  • Connect application with redis
  • Install redis server
  • Sample code is in src/node-redis-sample.js

Added view engine layer

  • added ejs script
  • added lint