A webpack loader for css modules using BEM

lerna, monorepo, npm
npm install @acolorbright/css-module-bem-loader@2.0.5


ACB tools

This repo contains ACB's tools and configs used in development


npm install
npx lerna bootstrap

npm install installs the root dependencies of the project npx lerna bootstrap installs the packages in the packages folder and locally links them where necessary


For more information see Lerna documentation

Adding dependencies

In order to add a local or remote dependency for a specific package run npx lerna add <package> --scope=<target_package>

This works the same as npm install <package> would in a regular repo.

For more info and options see the documentation

Removing dependencies

Since lerna doesn't have a remove command the way to remove a package is by running npx lerna exec "npm uninstall <package>" --scope=<target_package>.

lerna exec is used to run arbitrary commands in each package, for more info see the docs.

Removing dependencies issue

When using linked packages, the method for removing dependencies mentioned here sometimes throws an error. This is a bug in lerna that happens because local dependencies get removed from package-lock.json which then throws an error when running npm uninstall.

The solution to this is deleting the target package's local package-lock.json, and then running the aforementioned command.

For more info see the provided links:
lerna/lerna#1886 (comment)


In order to run eslint tests on all packages run npx lerna run test, this runs npm run test on each package.

For more info on lerna run check the docs


To publish all changes run npx lerna publish.

Packages are published using Independent mode

You have to be logged into npm from within the terminal in order for the changes to be published to the registry. If this part fails you can retry publishing it by running npx lerna publish from-package. It will compare the package versions in package.json to the ones in the registry. If they don't match it will trigger the publish.