Azure SDK for JavaScript

This repository contains official JavaScript libraries and TypeScript definitions for Azure services. For documentation go to Azure SDK for JavaScript documentation.

You can find a complete list of these libraries in

Getting started

For your convenience, each service has a separate set of libraries that you can choose to use instead of one, large Azure package. To get started with a specific library, see the file located in the library's project folder. You can find service libraries in the /sdk directory.

Each service might have a number of libraries available from each of the following categories:

Client: July 2019 Preview

New wave of packages that we are currently releasing in Preview and are released under the npm release named next. These libraries allow you to use and consume existing resources and interact with them. These libraries share a number of core functionalities such as retries, logging, transport protocols, authentication protocols, etc. Learn more about these libraries by reading the guidelines that they follow.

The libraries released in July preview:

NOTE: If you need to ensure your code is ready for production use one of the stable libraries.

Client: Stable

Last stable versions of packages that have been provided for usage with Azure and are production-ready. These libraries provide you with similar functionalities to the Preview ones as they allow you to use and consume existing resources and interact with them, for example: upload a blob.


Libraries which enable you to provision specific resources. They are responsible for directly mirroring and consuming Azure service's REST endpoints. You can recognize these libraries by mgmt or arm in their package names.

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