Backdrop component to use behind modals, overlays and widgets etc

npm install @coop/component-backdrop@1.0.4


Coop Trolley

See demos here


The Coop Trolley supply internal and external partners with Coop agnostic frontend tools to speed up development and improve reusability.

Packages can be included as React components or used in plain HTML with the Coop stylesheet.

Getting started

Install from npm:

npm i @coop/trolley --save

Include the stylesheet once in your project

// In Javascript
import '@coop/trolley/dist/coop-trolley.css'


// In SASS
@import '~@coop/trolley/dist/styles/coop-trolley';

Components can be used with React or - for static components - as plain HTML.

Use with React:

import { Button } from '@coop/trolley'

const MyComponent = () => (
    <Button>My Button</Button>

export default MyComponent

Use with plain HTML:

  <div class="coop-button">My Button</div>

Git Subtree

Internal users can utilize git subtree to push/pull components to project repositories. This allows for updating and improving components on the fly and commit changes to the Coop Trolley repo.

From project root.

Add remote git remote add -f -t master --no-tags coop-trolley https://github.com/theisof/coop-trolley

Add subtree, run git subtree add --prefix path/to/folder coop-trolley/master --squash

Push to subtree, commit first and run git subtree push --prefix=path/to/folder coop-trolley master

Pull from subtree, run git subtree pull --prefix path/to/folder coop-trolley master --squash


Load fonts manually. Opens Sans and Roboto Slab can be loaded from Google Fonts.

<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400,400i,700,700i,800|Roboto+Slab:400,700" rel="stylesheet">

Standard: 'MarkOT' or 'Open Sans'
Display: 'Soho Std' or 'Roboto Slab'

Todo: solution for new hosted font


Run local server on http://localhost:3001 with:

  npm i
  npm run start

To publish new version, increment version number in package.json and run npm run publish_all. Will update npm and Github demo page.

To only update Github pages run npm run publish_demo

Get images from local folder by adding ?local-images to url


Tests are setup with Jest and Enzyme. Place test files in same folder as tested file with .test. in filename. Run locally with npm run test. Tests are auto triggered on build.

Use the following approach when testing:


  • The goal is to eliminate the accidential removal of critical triggers, therefore...
  • Apply smoke tests to key UI actions such as toggle buttons
  • Don't test styling unless it impacts behaviour (like show/hiding a modal)
  • Make snapshots for tested components


  • Make unit tests