GoodData.UI SDK - Charts

npm install @gooddata/sdk-ui-charts@8.7.0-alpha.32


GoodData.UI SDK

Getting Started

The easiest way to start developing analytical applications using GoodData.UI SDK is to use the Accelerator Toolkit. You will be up and running in minutes.

For detailed description of available components and capabilities see the official documentation.

You can also view our live examples or start the live examples application locally.


Getting started

  1. Install nvm; for instance: curl -o- | bash

  2. Clone and bootstrap

    git clone
    cd gooddata-ui-sdk
    nvm install
    nvm use
    npm i -g @microsoft/rush
    rush install
  3. Build: rush build

  4. Read the contribution guide

HINT: The repository includes the .envrc configuration file for direnv; you can use this to auto-nvm-use the correct node.js installation every time you enter the gooddata-ui-sdk directory.

After you pull latest changes

Always run rush install; this will make sure all the dependencies from the lock file will be installed in all the projects managed in the repository. After that run rush build.

In case the pull brings in new projects or large bulk of changes, it is safer (albeit more time-consuming) to run rush install && rush link --force && rush clean && rush rebuild.

You can find more technical information in contributor manual and in developer guide.


(c) 2017-2021 GoodData Corporation

This repository is under a GoodData commercial license available in the LICENSE file because it contains a commercial package, HighCharts. Subdirectories containing the MIT license are not subject to the GoodData commercial license and do not contain any commercial code.