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npm install @houdoku/extension-manganelo@1.1.1



This repository contains extensions for Houdoku, a manga reader for the desktop. Houdoku users can install and load extensions at runtime separate from the application itself.

Extensions are published as separate npm packages under the @houdoku scope:



Definitions for functions that extensions should implement are in the houdoku-extension-lib repo.

In particular, see the interface source, which has full method documentation.


Utility scripts are provided in /scripts:

# Clean build artifacts

# Build all extensions (may take a while)

# Build a specific extension
./scripts/build-one.sh guya

# Manually install extensions into Houdoku for testing
#  - unbuilt extensions are automatically skipped
#  - INSTALL_DIR is Houdoku's userData directory,
#    e.g. C:/Users/user/AppData/Roaming/Electron
./scripts/manual-install-all.sh INSTALL_DIR


Because of the way that extensions are loaded while Houdoku is running, dependency management is rather complex. Each extension must include dependencies (not devDependencies) for any imports they do. In practice, in order to reduce the size of each extension, we mostly only include type definitions for packages, and have the actual functions be passed in from the Houdoku client (like the fetch function from node-fetch).

Additions to dependencies are possible, but would require updates at every layer of the application.

Related Projects

  • houdoku - the application itself
  • houdoku-extension-lib - interface library for extensions, used by extensions and the client
  • aki-plugin-manager - the utility used by Houdoku to find/install/load extensions, independent of Houdoku's functionality

Extension List

This list is provided as a reference, but it is not updated automatically and may be out-of-date; the only authoritative source is the @houdoku scope on the npm registry.

Name URL Version Notes
Arang Scans https://arangscans.com 1.1.0
CatManga https://catmanga.org 1.1.0
Death Toll Scans https://www.deathtollscans.net 1.0.0
Disaster Scans https://disasterscans.com 1.1.0
Guya https://guya.moe 1.1.0
Immortal Updates https://immortalupdates.com 1.1.0
IsekaiScan https://isekaiscan.com 1.1.0
Kirei Cake https://kireicake.com 1.0.0
LeviatanScans https://leviatanscans.com 1.1.0
Lilyreader https://manga.smuglo.li 1.0.0
Manga347 https://manga347.com 1.1.0
MangaDex https://mangadex.org 1.0.0
MangaKik https://mangakik.com 1.1.0
Mangarave https://mangarave.com 1.1.0
MangaTellers https://mangatellers.gr/ 1.0.0
Sense-Scans https://www.sensescans.com 1.0.0
Silent Sky https://www.silentsky-scans.net 1.0.0
Sleeping Knight Scans https://skscans.com 1.1.0
Toonily https://toonily.com 1.1.0
Tritinia Scans https://tritinia.com 1.1.0