# Usage

npm install @invisionag/eslint-config-ivx@5.2.1




Install the peer dependencies as development dependencies:

  • eslint
  • prettier

Install @invisionag/eslint-config-ivx as a development dependency.

In your .eslintrc.js:

module.exports = {
  extends: '@invisionag/eslint-config-ivx',


  • run yarn upgrade-interactive --latest to update dependencies
  • make sure the node image used in the Dockerfile is the latest
  • run yarn test to verify everything is still running
  • publish a new version with yarn publish (see Publishing section)


  • Make sure you are logged into NPM with npm whoami
  • Verify you are part of the invisionag organization on npm. If you aren't, ask any current member to invite you
  • Run yarn publish and enter a new version number (based on semVer)


A good way to test your changes is to publish a prerelease, then check out a repo using this config and update it to use the prerelease. Then, run this repos test suite and if everything still works, it's a good sign.

  1. Push your changes and create a PR to communicate that there is currently work going on, and to make the changes you want to introduce with the prerelease accessible to others.
  2. Publish your prerelease with yarn publish, then enter a version number ending with -my-branch-name.<someIncrementingNumber>, for example (if we are currently at 1.1.5 and you introduce minor, nonbreaking changes) 1.2.0-maintenance-july-0.
  3. check out (for example) csv-importer-ui
  4. change the version number of the dependency to this repository in the package.json to match your prerelease. You don't have to change the lockfile
  5. run yarn && yarn test.

If everything still works, you're looking good! You can now publish a regular version by running yarn publish again and simply leave the trailing prerelease stuff (1.2.0).