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Next-generation Tailwind CSS compiler.

If you are already familiar with Tailwind CSS, think about Windi CSS as an alternative to it. Which provides faster load time, full compatibility with Tailwind v2.0 with even more features.

Otherwise, you can think of Windi CSS as a utility-first CSS library.

Why Windi CSS? 🤔

A quote from the author should illustrate his motivation to create Windi CSS:

When my project became larger and there were about dozens of components, the initial compilation time reached 3s, and hot updates took more than 1s. @voorjar

By scanning your HTML and CSS and generating utilities on demand, Windi CSS is able to provide faster load times and a speedy HMR in development, and does not require purging in production.

Read more about it in the Introduction.


Frameworks Package Version
CLI Built-in
VSCode Extension windicss-intellisense
Vite vite-plugin-windicss
Rollup rollup-plugin-windicss
Vue (Webpack) vue-windicss-preprocess
Svelte svelte-windicss-preprocess
React Coming soon...
Angular Coming soon...

Documentation 📖

Check the documentation website.


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If you're interested in contributing to windicss, please read our contributing docs before submitting a pull request.


Distributed under the MIT License.