Prefix inline styles on client side

npm install @lada/prefix@2.0.1


Bubble Dev Metarepo

This repository is a collection of JavaScript libraries, grouped in the same place for the best developer experience. Check the individual documentations for more details:

  • @auto: Set of helpers for managing and developing monorepos.
  • codecov-lite: LCOV (code coverage data) uploader for service.
  • copie: Copy a file.
  • dleet: Delete directories and files.
  • ekst: Append, prepend, replace or remove basename extensions.
  • @fantasy-color: 🌈 Color manipulation functions for JavaScript.
  • mocku: Mocking library.
  • move-path: Move path to destination folder.
  • pifs: Promisified graceful-fs.
  • refun: React Hook-enabled functions that compose harmoniously with each other.
  • @start: Functional, fast and shareable task runner.
  • spyfn: Spy function.
  • typeon: Typed JSON parse and stringify for TypeScript.