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npm install @opensystemslab/map@0.7.0


Place components

npm @opensystemslab/map

A library of Web Components for tasks related to addresses and planning permission in the UK built with Lit, Vite, and Ordnance Survey APIs.

Web map

<my-map /> is an OpenLayers-powered map to support drawing and modifying red-line boundaries. Other supported modes include: highlighting an OS Feature that intersects with a given address point; clicking to select and merge multiple OS Features into a single boundary; and displaying static point or polygon data. Events are dispatched with the calculated area and geojson representation when you change your drawing.


Postcode search

<postcode-search /> is a GOV.UK-styled input that validates UK postcodes using these utility methods. When a postcode is validated, an event is dispatched containing the sanitized string.

Address autocomplete

<address-autocomplete /> fetches addresses in a given UK postcode using the OS Places API and displays them using GOV.UK's accessible-autocomplete component. An event is dispatched with the OS record when you select an address.

These web components can be used independently or together following GOV.UK's Address lookup design pattern.

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Documentation & examples

Find these components in the wild, including what we're learning through public beta user-testing, at https://www.ripa.digital/.

Running locally

  • Rename .env.example to .env.local and replace the values - or simply provide your API keys as props
  • Install pnpm globally if you don't have it already npm i pnpm -g
  • Install dependencies pnpm i
  • Start development server pnpm dev


Unit tests are written with Vitest, Happy Dom, and @testing-library/user-event. Each component has a main.test.ts file.


We use Pitsby for documenting our web components. It's simple to configure (pitsby.config.js plus a *.doc.js per component), has good support for vanilla web components, and an interactive playground.

  • pnpm run docs starts Pitsby in watch mode for local development
  • pnpm run docsPublish builds the site so Netlify can serve it from pitsby/


This repository is licensed under the Open Government License v3.