Run shell-scripts via a web-interface

npm install @paulavery/task-runner@1.0.3


Task Runner

A very simple webapp which should act as a cron replacement with a web-interface. You may define tasks in a tasks.json file:

    "name": "A Task",
    "script": "/usr/bin/cat",
    "args": [ "/etc/fstab" ]
}, {
    "name": "Another Task",
    "script": "/usr/bin/date"

You can then run any of these tasks through a web UI: Screenshot


To get started, simply install this package (npm install -g @paulavery/task-runner) and then start the application via task-runner.

You may set the following environment variables to configure the application:

  • TR_PORT: The port to run the application on. Defaults to 3000
  • TR_TASKFILE: The file from which to read the task definitions. Defaults to tasks.json in the current working directory.
  • TR_DATABASE: The sqlite database file to save information about previous task invocations to. Defaults to tasks.db in the current working directory.


  • Definable Intervals / Automatic running of tasks