[Experimental] dont use this package - Gatsby source plugin for building websites using Medusa Commerce as a data source

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npm install @pkorsholm/gatsby-source-medusa@0.0.0-staging-20221110094848


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Building blocks for digital commerce

Medusa is released under the MIT license. PRs welcome!

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Getting Started

Visit the Quickstart Guide to set up a server.

Visit the Docs to learn more about our system requirements.

What is Medusa

Medusa is a set of commerce modules and tools that allow you to build rich, reliable, and performant commerce applications without reinventing core commerce logic. The modules can be customized and used to build advanced ecommerce stores, marketplaces, or any product that needs foundational commerce primitives. All modules are open-source and freely available on npm.

Learn more about Medusa’s architecture and commerce modules in the Docs.

Roadmap, Upgrades & Plugins

You can view the planned, started and completed features in the Roadmap discussion.

Follow the Upgrade Guides to keep your Medusa project up-to-date.

Check out all available Medusa plugins.

Community & Contributions

The community and core team are available in GitHub Discussions, where you can ask for support, discuss roadmap, and share ideas.

Our Contribution Guide describes how to contribute to the codebase and Docs.

Join our Discord server to meet other community members.

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Licensed under the MIT License.