Form Builder Runner (Node version)

npm install @solidgoldpig/fb-runner-node@0.0.163



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Form Builder Runner is an application that provides generic backend code and templates to create forms from data representations.

For more details, read the Runner’s documentation




git clone git@github.com:ministryofjustice/fb-runner-node.git
cd fb-runner-node
npm install


Set the SERVICE_PATH environment variable to point the path of form data on your filesystem.

SERVICE_PATH=/path/to/form npm start

An example form can be checked out from https://github.com/ministryofjustice/fb-example-service

By default, Form Builder Runner will use port 3000. If you want to run on a different port, set the PORT environment variable.

PORT=4321 SERVICE_PATH=/path/to/form npm start

Components usage

By default the runner uses the module @solidgoldpig/fb-components-core, using the version defined in lib/constants/constant.js

Read more about components usage

Using the fb-runnner-node with a mocked backend

Use fb-mock-services to mock out the services which your local instance of fb-runner-node (this repo) communicates with.

  • In one terminal tab, run the fb-mock-services project according to its instructions (e.g. MOCKENV=yes npm start)
  • Create an .envmocks file within this project, the contents of which are:
export USER_DATASTORE_URL=http://localhost:44444
export USER_FILESTORE_URL=http://localhost:44445
export SUBMITTER_URL=http://localhost:44446
export SERVICE_SECRET=sekrit
export SERVICE_TOKEN=token
export SERVICE_SLUG=slug
export MODULE__ministryofjustice_fb_components_core='/path/to/your/form-builder/fb-components-core'
  • Within this fb-runner-node repo, run this command: source .envmocks && SERVICE_PATH=/path/to/your/form npm start

If you are not developing runner features, consider using the Form Builder Editor Console instead.


npm test

Run unit tests only

npm run test:unit

Run a single unit test

./node_modules/.bin/multi-tape lib/controller/page/type/page.summary/page.summary.controller.unit.spec.js

Run linting only

npm run lint

To deploy and run on Cloud Platforms

See deployment instructions