Simplified build tooling for a complected world

npm install @technologyadvice/genesis-core@0.15.5


Genesis Core

Simplified build tooling for a complected world

Take advantage of the modern JavaScript ecosystem without any of the headache. Genesis Core provides a consistent, simplified interface over powerful build tooling. Configure it once and get to work; you'll enjoy the same experience whether you're building a Single Page Application or distributable NPM package.

Table of Contents

  1. Features
  2. Installation
  3. Usage


It's recommended to install Genesis Core as a project-level dependency, and not a global depdendency. This will give you the freedom to run multiple projects independently and will provide more fine-grained control over upgrades.

# Yarn (recommended)
yarn add --dev @technologyadvice/genesis-core

npm install --save-dev @technologyadvice/genesis-core


Web App

This compiler is still in progress.

NPM Package

This compiler is still in progress.


Genesis is configured with the same options no matter which API is used.


  entry        : string | Array<string>,      // path(s) to your application entry point(s)
  templatePath : string,                      // path to your main index.html file
  vendors      : Array<string>,               // package names to bundle separately
  alias        : { [key: string]: string },   // module resolution aliases
  globals      : { [key: string]: any },      // variables to expose globally
  sourcemaps   : boolean,                     // generate sourcemaps?
  verbose      : boolean,                     // enable more verbose output?
  transpile    : boolean | 'typescript',      // transpile? `true` defaults to babel

Command Line Interface

After installing Genesis Core in your project, you can use the gen binary to run tasks. To do this, configure your package.json scripts to run gen commands.

  "scripts": {
    "start": "gen start",
    "build": "gen build",
    "test": "gen test"

Once this is done, you can run these just like any other npm command. Note that you can also pass options to the genesis task:

npm start -- --port 3000

Node API

const genesis = require('@technologyadvice/genesis-core')

const compiler = genesis({
  // your genesis configuration

// Each task returns a promise:
  .then(() => { /* app has been built! */ })

// You can pass task-specific option:
compiler.start({ host: 'localhost', port: 3000 })
compiler.test({ watch: true })