Telefonica Bootstrap Theme

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npm install @telefonica/tefstrap@0.1.11


Telefónica theme for Twitter Bootstrap 3

Telefónica Corporative Bootstrap Theme for easy and quick web page prototyping.

See it live at https://telefonica.github.io/TEFstrap

Quick start

Several quick start options are available:

  • Download the latest release
  • Clone the repo: git clone https://github.com/Telefonica/TEFstrap.git
  • Install with Bower: bower install tefstrap
  • Install with npm: npm install @telefonica/tefstrap

Here you get the most basic form of TEFstrap: precompiled files for quick drop-in usage in nearly any web project. Just replace your original bootstrap.css with the TEFstrap one you downloaded, located at dist/css/bootstrap.css and copy the fonts dist/fonts/ and dist/img directory to your own one.


After downloading the project, you can modify and compile your own distributon with your own customizations, or just pick some parts. The pre-compiled bootstrap.css distributed in dist/ directory is precompiled and minified, and
the less/, js/, and fonts/ are the source code for our CSS, JS, and fonts (respectively).

Three source files are provided in the less directory:

  • less/tefstrap.less: Custom components and variables for TEFstrap.
  • less/variables.less: A copy of bootstrap variables, but with the values for the Telefonica theme.
  • less/bootstrap.less: The main entry point for compile TEFstrap. Loads all bootstrap and applies the TEFstrap customizations. Here you can be quirurgic: make your own and just import your desired bootstap files, add the above two files and then compile it.

Both boostrap and TEFstrap does not proactively add all the browser vendor prefixes. Therefore you will need to use the autoprefixer tool.

Finally take a look to our package.json#scripts.build for inspiration about how to compile/autoprefix/minify less files and generate the CSS ones.


First of all, download and install NodeJS.

git clone https://github.com/Telefonica/TEFstrap.git
cd TEFstrap
npm install # Install node dependencies for this project
npm run build # Build (i.e compile/autoprefix/minify) assets
npm run dev # Start development watchers, to auto compile less
open index.html # Open the index.html with your default browser


Copyright (c) 2011-2016 Telefónica I+D. Code released under the MIT license.

Bootstrap: copyright 2011-2016 Twitter, Inc. Code released under the MIT license.