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npm install @twreporter/react-components@8.4.3



This repository is a monorepo containing several npm packages used by the website of online news media The Reporter.


  • @twreporter/core
  • @twreporter/index-page
  • @twreporter/react-components
  • @twreporter/react-article-components
  • @twreporter/redux
  • @twreporter/universal-header

Developing Environment

Yarn Workspaces

We use Yarn Workspaces to:

  • Add and remove dependencies of all packages (subfolders) easily.
  • Prevent installing duplicate dependencies across packages (subfolders). Yarn can hoist them to the root folder.
  • Create symlinks between packages (subfolders) that depend on each other.

Some example commands for common scienarios:

  • Want to add lodash to the dependencies of all packages:

    yarn workspaces run add lodash

    yarn workspaces run <command>

  • Want to add react to the peer dependencies of only @twreporter/react-component package:

    yarn workspace @twreporter/react-components add react --peer

    yarn workspace <workspace_name> <command>

    CAUTION: The <workspace_name> is the name in package.json of given package, not the path string in the workspaces array of root packages.json or the dirname.

  • Want to add a-root-only-tool to the dev dependencies of twreporter-npm-packages and not in any package:

    yarn add a-root-only-tool --dev -W

    yarn add <package...> [--ignore-workspace-root-check/-W]

The official document and blog post give clear examples showing how workspaces can get theses done.

Eslint and Prettier

We use Prettier to take care of code format and use ESlint with JavaScript Standard Style for code-quality rules. It will run prettier and eslint on pre-build and pre-commit hooks.

You can also run prettier and eslint with:

make lint --ignore-errors
# Add `--ignore-errors` flag to make tasks continue even though there is any package has linting errors

Set Dev Tools

At Root

Install babel at root:

yarn add \
  @babel/cli @babel/core \
  @babel/preset-env @babel/preset-react \
  @babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties babel-plugin-inline-react-svg babel-plugin-styled-components \
  --dev --exact -W

Install eslint and prettier at root:

yarn add \
  prettier \
  babel-eslint eslint \
  eslint-config-prettier eslint-config-standard \
  eslint-plugin-babel eslint-plugin-import eslint-plugin-node eslint-plugin-promise eslint-plugin-react eslint-plugin-standard \
  --dev --exact -W

Install tools for linting staged files at git commit hooks at root:

yarn add \
  husky@^1.3.1 lint-staged@^8.1.5 \
  --dev -W

Install other dev tools at root:

yarn add rimraf --dev -W

By Package

Install webpack-dev-server if needed:

yarn workspace <workspace_name> add \
  webpack@^4.29.6 webpack-cli@^3.3.0 webpack-dev-server@^3.3.0 \
  babel-loader@^8.0.5 url-loader@^1.1.2 \
  html-webpack-plugin@^3.2.0 \


We use babel with --watch flag to re-compile the source code every time that we change it.

Develop Single Package

# at root and want to dev `packages/core` only
make dev PKG=core
# same as at `packages/core` and run
make dev

Develop all Packages

# at root
make dev

This will yarn install the packages and run make dev at each subfolder.

Build and Publish

We do not use tools like Lerna to manage package version and publish process currently. So if some of the packages are updated at the same time, we need to update the dependencies among them and publish them manually.

The reason of not using the tool is that the packages in this repo are few and the relation among them is still simple. If the amount of packages arises or the inter-dependency becomes complicated, we can apply the tool at any time.

# at any <subfolder>
make build
# after build
npm publish
# at root folder, it will run `make build` at each subfolder
make build