Typescene toolkit DOM package

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npm install @typescene/dom@0.9.12



Typescene is a robust front end library written in TypeScript: strongly typed, no dependencies, no nonsense.


All documentation for Typescene can be found on the website: https://typescene.dev/docs/.

The online docs include an overview as well as other guides, and reference documentation.

Getting Started

If you're new to Typescene, make sure to check out these resources:


A few very important tasks are currently still pending:

  • Tests, lots of 'em. The core package now comes with a test harness but only very few tests. These need to be added in some kind of structural way. Perhaps this can be organized using a Github project, opinions welcome on Twitter please.
  • More tests for the @typescene/webapp package. These probably need an automated browser-based test framework. Opinions welcome on Twitter please.
  • More examples for the reference documentation. These need to be added to the typescene.github.io repo on GitHub.
  • More sample projects, along with articles on how they work. Before publishing these we're happy to review your own samples, please DM on Twitter.
  • More prebuilt components (calendars, combo buttons, etc). See typescene-treegrid on GitHub for a full featured example.

Questions and Issues

Have a question about Typescene? Get in touch with us on Twitter or post a question on Stack Overflow.

If you think you’ve found a bug or other issue, please make sure you can reproduce the issue with a minimal example. Then post your issue here on GitHub.


The main Typescene repository uses tagged Releases to communicate changes between versions. Make sure you stay updated by following Typescene on Twitter!


Q: Why another JavaScript framework?
A: Typescene is different in a number of ways. Read this article for a detailed overview of Typescene's design goals.

Q: Should I use Typescene for my next project?
A: Sure! Typescene works best for desktop-style and/or mobile Web apps. As always, read the docs first. If you need something for your blog or other online content, then other frameworks might suit your needs better.

Q: How do I get started with Typescene?
A: Typescene is distributed through NPM. Read through the guides provided on the Typescene docs website and follow along to create your first project.

Reach Out!

Find us on Twitter for the latest news, and please consider giving us a ⭐️ star on GitHub!


Support Typescene on Patreon for financial contributions.

For contributions in the form of bug fixes and changes, feel free to use Pull Requests or send us a DM on Twitter to discuss how best to approach your issue.


The Typescene source code is licensed under the MIT license.