Facets Component developed by Uncharted Software

npm install @uncharted.software/stories-facets@2.12.18



A Javascript UI component for interactive histograms

Facets provides a simple API for displaying histograms that are interactive. Facets is useful for quickly showing the results of Elasticsearch aggregations.

alt text


var container = $('#facets-container');

var groups = [{
    label: 'Phone',
    key: 'phone',
    facets : [{
        value: '555-1111',
        count: 5
    }, {
        value: '555-2222',
        count: 10
    }, {
        value: '555-3333',
        count: 15

var facets = new Facets(container,groups);

alt text

A full list of interactive examples can be found here


The Facets Widget is available via NPM.

To use it as a JSPM dependency, first install JSPM:

npm install -g jspm

Now you can install it in your project:

jspm install stories-facets=npm:@uncharted.software/stories-facets

To consume it in your project, use:

import Facets from 'stories-facets';


Requires Node/NPM and a global installation of Gulp for running builds.

To install all dependencies and start a Gulp watch:

npm install

Using the development version

Facets auto-links via JSPM on build/watch. This means you can use your local linked copy in other projects for quick iteration. To do so, run the following in your project that requires Facets:

jspm install --link npm:@uncharted.software/stories-facets

This will connect that project to your local development version of facets. Be aware that this is version sensitive so if your local version of facets doesn't match the version being consumed by your project this may not have the desired effect.

To unlink the project and go back to the version from npm, run:

jspm install --unlink npm:@uncharted.software/stories-facets

Run tests

In development mode, run gulp tdd --debug to run the tests in Chrome, and keep the browser open, re-running on changes.

To run the tests once and generate a coverage report, run gulp test.