Customizable static site project builder

asset-pipeline, babel, browsersync, gulp, postcss, sass, starter, svg-sprites, twigjs, webpack
npm install @videinfra/static-website-builder@1.6.0


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static-website-builder is a customizable static site project builder powered by Gulp, Webpack, Babel, SASS, PostCSS, TwigJS, BrowserSync


  • Gulp: built using gulp
  • Built-in Server: Local development server with hot reloading
  • Templates: HTML templates with minification
  • TWIG: Optional TwigJS template engine with optional plugins for additional functions and filters
  • Stylesheets: Autoprefixing and minification with PostCSS support
  • SASS: Optional SASS / SCSS compilation
  • Javascript: Transpilation with Babel, bundling and minification
  • SVG icons: Sprite generation from individual SVG files
  • Paths: Source and destinations paths are configurable
  • Features: All features can be configured or disabled
  • Plugins: create additional plugins / gulp tasks

Quick start

npm init
npm install @videinfra/static-website-builder --save
npx builder init

Start development server

npm run start

Build production files

npm run start

Note: these commands are added to the project during npm init.


Development server

npx run builder

Generate production ready files

npx run builder build

List all available tasks

npx run builder --tasks

Project templates

As used in quick start, project templates are used to generate boilerplate / starter files and add commands to the project:

  • default - simple template with normalize.scss


Built-in plugins:

  • sass - adds .sass and .scss file rendering using SASS
  • twig - adds .twig file rendering using TwigJS
  • twig/symfony-filters - adds humanize filter as found in Symfony
  • twig/symfony-functions - adds asset function as found in Symfony
  • twig/lodash-filters - adds omit, pick, filter, reject and find filters as in lodash

Plugins can be enabled by adding them to the config/config.js, eg.

exports.plugins = [
    // Enables SASS engine and .sass and .scss file compilation

    // Enables TwigJS engine .twig file compilation


See our wiki for additional information.