Comprehensive logging, printing and serialization for ECMA script.

printing, console, logging, eval, serialize, callback-functions, console-tool, cross-platform-logging, ecma-serialization
npm install bracket_print@0.12.0


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Bracket print is an ECMA serialization and logging tool with colorful and plain text output for the terminal and browser consoles.


  • Works in the browser, console or terminal
  • Easy to configure for custom platforms and other use cases
  • Uses AMD (asynchronous module definition), syntax
  • Well commented, thoroughly unit tested and professionally engineered code
  • Has full Brace UMD integration for complete deployment unit testing coverage
  • Can stringify ECMA script (unlike the JSON builtin and other serializers)
  • Bracket Print can serialize massive Objects Objects (like the browser window property), without hiccups
    • Is able to do semantically deep equality tests on ECMA script (not just JSON objects)
    • Removes superfluous tabs, spaces, and newlines from function strings
    • Output can be configured to be passed into JSON.parse
  • Uses a instance return chain to allow for usage as functional programming callbacks
  • Contains a comprehensive level mechanism to control what is logged at run-time with a nearly total overhead discharge
  • Provides configurable syntax mapping with custom individualized styles
  • Styling can be toggled anywhere in the run-time or call chain with a total overhead discharge


  • Does not have browser unit tests