Self-hosted image placeholder server

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npm install corporate-punk@1.2.0


corporate punk

Self-hosted image placeholder server

Sometimes you need a placeholder server with your own stock or corporate images. Punk allows you to throw a bunch of images inside a folder and run the server


Make sure you have imagemagick installed in your OS then:

npm i -g corporate-punk


To run the server you can provide your own directories from where to pull the images.

Server parameters

parameter description example
--images Path to images folder punk --images='/path/to/images'
--cache Path to processed images cache folder punk --cache='/path/to/cache'
--port Port to listen on punk --port=3000

URL parameters

parameter description example
resize Resizes the final image by given width and height /hold?resize=400x400
crop Crops the final image by given width and height /hold?crop=200x250
quality Sets the image quality: [1-100] /hold?quality=25
image Select an specific image, if not present, a random image will be returned /hold?image=calaveras.jpg

Clearing the cache

Sometimes you might want to clear the cache for different reasons, in that case just go to the UI and hit the Clear cache button. Note this action is publicly available so far, probably in the future will be password protected.


This app is just passing query parameters directly to an imagemagick wrapper, without any kind of sanity check, bad shit can happen.


Sanitize query strings