CollectionSpace user interface for browsers

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npm install cspace-ui@1.0.0-rc.12



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The CollectionSpace user interface for web browsers.

Release 4.5 or later of the CollectionSpace Services API is required. This application is not compatible with releases 4.4 and earlier.


For CollectionSpace Administrators

The CollectionSpace UI is a JavaScript application that runs in a web browser. See the installation instructions to make the application available to your CollectionSpace users.

For CollectionSpace Developers

Node.js 8 and npm 5 are required to build the application.

To download and install the source code of the application for development:

$ git clone
$ cd cspace-ui.js
$ npm install

See the developer documentation for instructions on building, testing, and running the source code.

About CollectionSpace

CollectionSpace is a free, open-source collections management application for museums, historical societies, natural science collections, and more.