Encode & decode XML and HTML entities with ease

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npm install entities@2.0.3


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Encode & decode XML and HTML entities with ease.

How to…

…install entities

npm i entities

…use entities

const entities = require("entities");

entities.escape("&"); // "&"
entities.encodeXML("&"); // "&"
entities.encodeHTML("&"); // "&"

entities.decodeXML("asdf & ÿ ü '"); // "asdf & ÿ ü '"
entities.decodeHTML("asdf & ÿ ü '"); // "asdf & ÿ ü '"


This is how entities compares to other libraries on a very basic benchmark (see scripts/benchmark.ts, for 10,000,000 iterations):

Library decode performance encode performance
entities 10.809s 17.683s
html-entities 14.029s 22.670s
he 16.163s 44.010s
parse-entities 28.507s N/A

License: BSD-2-Clause

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