facto 0.0.1

A collaborator.

Platform: npm

Language: Groovy

Repository: https://github.com/nomilous/notice-example

View on registry: https://www.npmjs.com/package/facto

Direct download link: https://registry.npmjs.org/facto/-/facto-0.0.1.tgz

Install: npm install [email protected]

how to notice

pre requisites

  • curl - a commanline http client
  • git - too much detail?
  • node - the magic

clone and install this repo

git clone [email protected]:nomilous/notice-example.git # this repo
cd notice-example
npm install

Walkthrough / Possibility Tour

For playing.

sudo npm install -g node-dev    # unless already
node-dev hub                    # so that they restart on change
node-dev client
# cake dev
./node_modules/.bin/cake dev    # to auto compile changes in ./src/**/*


0.0.1 October 25, 2013
0.0.0 March 21, 2013

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