Flimflam core UI components

npm install ff-core@0.6.0



A package for the flimflam core UI components:

const modal = require('ff-core/modal')
const wizard = require('ff-core/wizard')
const validatedForm = require('ff-core/validated-form')
const render = require('ff-core/render')
// etc

Open up each module directory in github, and you can find documentation for each one in the README.md in each directory.

To see a full directory of curated flimflam components, go to https://flimflamjs.github.io. This package is just for those components that we think nearly all applications will need (ie. a standard lib for ui components).


Components are in es2015: source code lives in component-name/index.es6 and the built files are component-name/index.js.

  • To build all components at once, run: npm run build
  • To build components individually, run: babel component-name/index.es6 > component-name/index.js

Tests for each component live in their own directory under component-name/test/index.js. Tests use tape/tape-run/tap-spec

  • To run all tests at once, run: npm run test
  • To run tests individually, use the run-test.sh script with the name of the component: ./run-test.sh button