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Visit to get started with Formik.

The below readme is the documentation for the next (prerelease) version of Formik. To view the documentation for the latest stable Formik version visit

Let's face it, forms are really verbose in React. To make matters worse, most form helpers do wayyyy too much magic and often have a significant performance cost associated with them. Formik is a small library that helps you with the 3 most annoying parts:

  1. Getting values in and out of form state
  2. Validation and error messages
  3. Handling form submission

By colocating all of the above in one place, Formik will keep things organized--making testing, refactoring, and reasoning about your forms a breeze.


In-browser Playgrounds

You can play with Formik in your web browser with these live online playgrounds.


Organizations and projects using Formik

List of organizations and projects using Formik



Formik is made with <3 thanks to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Jared Palmer

💬 💻 🎨 📖 💡 🤔 👀 ⚠️

Ian White

💬 🐛 💻 📖 🤔 👀

Andrej Badin

💬 🐛 📖

Adam Howard

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Vlad Shcherbin

💬 🐛 🤔

Brikou CARRE

🐛 📖

Sam Kvale

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Jon Tansey

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Tyler Martinez

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Tobias Lohse

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This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

MIT License.