Generates a Drupal CWF Bootstrap base theme

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npm install generator-cwf-theme@0.2.11



Generates a starter kit theme based on Build Your Own Bootstrap principle,
with best practices we at Circle Web Foundry use on our projects.

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First, install Yeoman and generator-cwf-theme using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-cwf-theme

Then generate your new project:

# You need to create folder first, and then inside it run:
yo cwf-theme


The generator will ask you a bunch of questions to get you up and running. Most of these are self-explanatory, but some maybe not so much.🤔

  • Would you like to create your own Icon Font
    - Creates a npm script so you can generate your own Icon Font, set with all SCSS mixins.
  • Would you like to use Svg sprites?
    - Creates a SVG sprite that is included in the theme and can easily be used in Twig templates.

🤘🤘🤘 Be patient, it does a lot of work for you, copies the Bootstrap files to the theme, enables all needed libraries, generates npm build scripts, creates an icon font and/or icon sprite, generates a basic HTML test page for Bootstrap elements...

NPM scripts

The generator will build a set of npm scripts.
To run each command type npm run "COMMAND_NAME", here's a list of commands:

Command Does...
scss-lint:fix Lints the SCSS files following the rules set in the .stylelintrc file and if can fixes errors and warnings
lint:js Lints the JS files using the rules in .eslintrc.json following the Drupal standards.
lint:fix Tries to automatically fix linted JS errors and warnings.
image:min Minifies images in the src/images directory and moves them to the /dist/images folder.
favicon Will convert the favicon.svg file to the appropriate ICO file.
css:scss-lint Lints the SCSS files following the rules set in the .stylelintrc file.
css:scss Compiles all SCSS files from src/scss to dist/scss.
css:prefix Autoprefixes files following settings from the .browserslistrc file.
serve Start a new server with the url you entered and watches for CSS & JS file changes in the dist folder.
image:icons Generates an icon font from all the SVG files in the scr/images/icons folder.
watch:icons Watches the scr/images/icons folder for changes
image:sprite Compress separate SVG files from scr/images/svg and combines them into one SVG "sprite".
watch:svg Watches the scr/images/svg folder for changes.
build:images Runs all image related scripts: icons, sprites and image minifications.
build:js Minifies the main JS file.
build:css Runs all SCSS and CSS related scripts.
build Runs all build scripts.
watch:css Watches SCSS files for changes and runs all related scripts.
watch:images Watches all image files for changes and ... runs all related scripts.

TL;DR npm run build and npm run watch is all you need.

Drupal theme

From the generator a new Drupal base theme will emerge.

You should immediately go to the theme settings page and check out what's there.


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