Generate an Apache FlexJS application

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npm install generator-flexjs@0.1.0



A generator for Yeoman to create a new Apache FlexJS project. Yeoman may be run from the command line or even using an extension in Visual Studio Code.


Requires Node.js and Yeoman.

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-flexjs


To create a new Apache FlexJS project, start by creating a new, empty directory. Then, run the yo command inside your new project directory:

mkdir MyProject
cd MyProject
yo flexjs

You'll be asked few quick questions, and then your new project will be generated.

To create a new ActionScript class, you can run the following command from the root of your project:

yo flexjs:class

It will create a your class in the src directory (or in the appropriate sub-directory, if the class is in a package).

Similarly, you can create a new ActionScript interface:

yo flexjs:interface

Finally, you can create a new MXML component:

yo flexjs:mxml

Made with Apache FlexJS

The source code for the generator-flexjs Yeoman Generator is written in ActionScript. That's right, it's a Node.js module — written in ActionScript and compiled with Apache FlexJS. Pretty cool, right?

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