A Micronaut application generator for JHipster

yeoman-generator, jhipster-blueprint, jhipster-8, Micronaut, jhipster
npm install generator-jhipster-micronaut@3.3.0


Greetings, Micronaut Hipster!

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JHipster Micronaut Family Member

This project generates a Micronaut-based JHipster application 😎. It is based on JHipster Blueprint 🔵, and intends to replace the Spring Boot portions of the server with Micronaut equivalents.

Installation and Usage

  1. Install MHipster

    npm install -g generator-jhipster-micronaut
  2. Create a new folder for your application

  3. Start MHipster


Alternatively, if you already have JHipster installed, you can use this blueprint with:

jhipster --blueprints micronaut

Using Docker

Download the Dockerfile:

mkdir docker
cd docker

Build the Docker images:

docker build -t jhipster-generator-micronaut:latest .

Make a folder where you want to generate the Service:

mkdir service
cd service

Run the generator from image to generate service:

docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/home/jhipster/app jhipster-generator-micronaut

Run and attach interactive shell to the generator docker container to work from inside the running container:

docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/home/jhipster/app jhipster-generator-micronaut /bin/bash

Currently supported options

  • Monolith projects
  • Microservice projects
  • JWT or OAuth 2.0 Authentication
  • SQL Database Support
    • MySQL
    • MariaDB
    • PostgreSQL
    • H2
  • Ehcache
  • Caffeine Cache
  • Redis Cache
  • Maven or Gradle Build System
  • Angular or React Client
  • Cypress Tests
  • Heroku Deployment


Micronaut Blueprint Micronaut JHipster
3.3.0 4.4.2 8.4.0
3.2.0 4.3.8 8.3.0
3.1.0 4.3.6 8.2.1
3.0.0 4.2.0 8.1.0
2.0.0 3.10.1 7.9.3
1.0.2 2.4.4 6.10.5
0.8.0 2.3.0 6.10.5

❤️ for community

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Please post any questions in this project's discussions, or on Stack Overflow with a jhipster tag.


Apache 2.0, see LICENSE.