inversify utilities (decorators, etc) to integrate agenda with inversify

npm install inversify-agenda@2.1.1


Some utilities for the development of agenda workers with Inversify.


You can install inversify-agenda using npm:

npm i inversify inversify-agenda reflect-metadata --save

The inversify-agenda type definitions are included in the npm module and require TypeScript 3. Please refer to the InversifyJS documentation to learn more about the installation process.

The pre-requisites

First of all you need to be familiar with agenda

Quick start guide

Step 1: Decorate task classes.

All the task will be performed by command classes. It needs to implement AgendaTaskCommand interface. And will be decorated by @task. @task decorator has 2 parameters, jobName and array of interval.

@task('task.sms.searchAndSend', '10 seconds')
export class TasTest implements AgendaTaskCommand {

    private service: Service // will be injected by inversify
  ) { }

  execute(job: Agenda.Job<Agenda.JobAttributesData>): Promise<void> {
    // do it what you want.
    // dont need to worry about call done() callback, the result of the job will be the same as the Promise in the response


Step 1: Configuration

You can configure inversify-agenda using a mongodb connection or passing an instance of Agenda.

Using mongodb

// or whatever way you have to get your inversify container.
import { container } from './inversify.config';

const agenda = new InversifyAgenda(container, {
    db: {
    address: process.env.MONGO_URL,
    options: {
            useNewUrlParser: true
            // other options

Or passing an already created Agenda instance

// or whatever way you have to get your inversify container.
import { container } from './inversify.config';
const agenda = new Agenda({
    db: {
        address: this.config.db.address,
        collection: this.config.db.collection,
        options: this.config.db.options
const agenda = new InversifyAgenda(container, { agenda }).build();


Next steps

  1. Refactor in several files
  2. Change @task decorator to be full compatible with agenda.define and agenda.every. Including priority, time zone, concurrency etc.


This proyect is widely open to collaborators, please feel free to raise an issue or create a pull request. Any doubt or suggestion you can write to